The Covid 19 pandemic in one of the immense problem not only in the Philippines but also in the whole world. This pandemic afflicts our life styles,business, source of Income, and the economy as a whole. Changing our normal life to what we call now as the “New Normal” is a situation that everyone must adapt. Despite the crisis we are all experiencing, everyone should move forward and continue doing what we used to do but with a lot of precautionary measures until such time that vaccine will be made available. Adopting the new normal will help us to cope with new ways on how to interact with others, work, and buy our needs without going out or without having face to face dealings.
With the existence of the new normal, a number of seller emerged online which offers hassle free purchase by delivering your needs right at your doorsteps.
Dadas Group if one of those who extends and upgrade their services to Filipino people. Thus, Dadas Market is created as one of the convenient online store which offers home delivery at a minimal cost. Dadas Market commits to provide fresh and nutritious food for the needs of every Filipino family especially during this pandemic. People can order online by clicking this link and they can have their orders delivered to them personally so they may not need to got out and catch the risk of being infected by the virus.
Dadas offers the best deal for you to save time and effort. Easy and more convenient with free door to door delivery for Php2,000 and up single purchased. Get discounted deals up to 20% off on selected items. To check on their promos and offering, you may log-in to, this deal will last until September 30, 2020. Enjoy the One-stop-shop online market and share this best deals promo to your friends, relatives and barkadas.

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